REGUPOL sound and drain 22

Acoustic insulation, membrane protection and drainage for outdoor applications in one product!

Roof terraces, balconies, loft corridors, etc. often need impact sound insulation to meet the noise requirements in the underlying spaces. For the verification of acoustics, however, there has not been much reliable data to fall back on, as most standard impact mats are designed for indoor applications. But with the new material REGUPOL sound and drain 22, Vibratec can offer a quality product especially adapted for outdoor environments. The impact mat REGUPOL sound and drain 22 has been tested on many different roof structures and has proven to provide effective noise reduction in all cases. REGUPOL sound and drain 22 also functions as a draining layer and a membrane that protects the roof from the elements.

REGUPOL sound and drain 22 is 15 mm thick, has a profiled underside and a low dynamic stiffness of ≤ 21 MN/m3. In accordance with ETA 18/0239, the product is resistant to ozone, oxidation, hydrolysis and has good weather resistance. It acts as a protective layer that prevents damage to the roof seal and has been developed with good drainage properties.

• The product is CE certified
• The product is Cradle to Cradle Bronze certified
• Step sound reduction ∆Lw 28 – 37 dB
• Bearing capacity up to 50 kN/m²
• Aging and weather resistant
• Good draining ability
• Functions as a protective membrane according to DIN 18531-2


Image of the underscreed mat from REGUPOL Image of a terrace construction with REGUPOL sound and drain 22