Kvalitet, Miljø og Arbeidsmiljø

Business policy

Vibratec is a leading manufacturer and supplier of products and solutions to improve health, safety and environmental issues relating to noise, vibrations and shock isolation.

Our most important resources and requirement providers are our employees, customers and other stakeholders.

We shall comply with all applicable laws and regulations and strive for continuous improvement, provide safe technical solutions and products of adequate quality.

We shall actively work to continuously improve our work environment and reduce our environmental impact, protect the environment and prevent emissions of pollutants.

Risks, ill health and victimization will be prevented by actively promoting systematic health and safety work.

Type Approval Certificate no. TAM000013J revision 1

Type Approval Certificate no. TAM000013J

Certificate EN 1090-1 ENG

ISO certificates ENG 9001/14001

ISO certificates SWE 9001/14001

ISO certificates ENG 45001

ISO certificates SWE 45001