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The Vibratec VT-dBlock-12 Raised Floor System


VT-dBlock Raised Floor System

VT-dBlock is an adjustable system for raised floors specially developed for a quick and easy installation and for effective impact and airborne sound isolation.

The system consists of very robust ABS plastic components, damping pad and aluminum profiles (Al-bars) – all components are clicked together. By using different types of damping pads, different noise reduction can be achieved, and by playing with c/c distances, higher load capacity (or less bounce) can be obtained.

The system is as simple as building a standard floor of wood and chipboard – but with the benefits of adjustability in terms of sound and construction height. The adjusting screw is available in 2 standard lengths: 200 mm and 400 mm. 

VT-dBlock is first and foremost a floor for sound attenuation and is used in appartments, offices, schools and public premises.

VT-dBlock can be used for both new production and renovation as:

  • Sound floor
  • Floor for waterborne heat
  • Floor for electric heating
  • Installation floor
  • Ventilation floor

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