Vibratec delivers to Filmstaden Uppsala


Vibratec supplies soundproofing solutions to Filmstaden in Uppsala!

Uppsala's new cinema facility, Filmstaden, is one step closer to completion and some of our products have now been installed. 

Constructing movie theaters with cinema halls side-by-side requires efficient sound isolation, which can be a challenging task. Each cinema must be built as a ”floating box,” completely separate from the structure, using a ”room-in-room” or ”box-in-box” solution.

So far the walls have been installed – standing on a concrete frame carried by Regufoam pads. The Regufoam pads are equipped with 50 mm thick plywood plates – this gives a bigger void and less influence by the air, plus the possibility to nail the floorboards to the pads. The 5-layer gypsum walls are stabilized on two levels with elastic wall hangers VT-WH.


We look forward to sharing further pictures from this project, where Vibratec has delivered soundproofing systems for walls, floors and ceilings.

To be continued…

Vibratec Regufoam pads Vibratec Regufoam pads to Filmstaden

Vibratec Regufoam pads to Filmstaden Vibratec wall hangers to Filmstaden