Lennart Söderman founder of Vibratec


Vibratec makes donation to Börje Salming’s ALS foundation

21 years ago, Lennart Söderman, the founder of Vibratec, died in ALS – a progressive neurological disease that results in the death of nerve cells followed by progressive weakness and paralysis of the muscles. 

Recently, the legendary hockey player Börje Salming lost his fight against ALS.
Today, many ALS patients are living longer and more productive lives thanks to advances in research. But, research is still needed to develop new and improved treatments.

As recipient for this year’s donation Vibratec has chosen to support BÖRJE SALMING’S ALS FOUNDATION. Börje Salming’s ALS foundation aims to promote medical science research to increase the understanding and improve the treatment of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, ALS.

We want to take the opportunity to encourage other companies to also support this foundation or other charitable causes.