1988 – Lennart Söderman, Kjell Johnsson and Carl Sejersted Bödtker start Vibratec Isolation AB in Stockholm. The company mainly devotes itself to solutions in whole metal for marine applications thanks to Lennart Söderman’s experience and expertise as a ship designer.

1990 – Vibratec Isolation AB moves to Blidö, an island in the northern part of Stockholm’s archipelago. The company has three employees and is housed in BIHAB’s (Blidö Industrihus) premises. Over the years that follow, the company starts its own manufacture of spring insulators and pipe holders and also initiates its first offshore project with specially developed vibration damping attachments with springs.

1998 – The real estate company BIHAB is acquired and Vibratec Isolation AB takes over the plant’s office premises, workshop and warehouse.

1999 – Vibratec Isolation AB acquires Maskinverkstaden Wannerstens Mekaniska because the ambition is to increase the company’s own production of vibration isolators. In addition, the company purchases 51% of the competing company Akustikprodukter AB, which includes the Norwegian subsidiary APN. The acquisitions broaden Vibratec’s product range to include silencers, wire insulators and rubber products. In connection with the companies merging, the name is changed to Vibratec Akustikprodukter AB (and to Vibratec Akustikprodukter AS in Norway).

2001 – The company’s creative founder Lennart Söderman dies tragically in ALS. His co-founder Kjell Johansson takes over the CEO post.

2003 – The company has had a strong development and becomes a Gazelle company. A small agency network is emerging. Rickvin Trading Pte in Singapore becomes the first agent.

2004 – Vibratec strengthens its position as a leading technology company by choosing Leif Kari, who is a professor of technical acoustics at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), in the corporate board. The collaboration with the Marcus Wallenberg Laboratory for sound and vibration research at KTH as this supplement gives Vibratec a unique position between industry and cutting edge research.

2005 – Vibratec Acoustics products will be a registered trademark in Sweden, Norway and China.

2006 – The parent company is certified according to ISO: 9001: 2000.

2007 – A new subsidiary is established in Estonia: Akustikatooted OÜ.

2008 – A new subsidiary is established in Denmark: Vibratec Akustikprodukter ApS, with Anders Olsen as CEO. Svante Hägerstrand becomes new CEO of Vibratec Akustikprodukter AB.

2009 – The remaining 49% of the Norwegian subsidiary Vibratec Akustikprodukter AS is acquired.

2011 – Production of wire insulators is moved from Norway to Sweden – all production is now under the same roof.

2014 – 5 people go safety course for offshore Vibratec starts doing measurement assignments and installations on rigs and platforms in the North Sea.

2016 – The parent company is certified according to ISO: 14001: 2015. Previous quality certification is updated to ISO9001: 2015.

2017 – A new subsidiary Vibratec Installation AB is established. The company does floating floor installations and room-in-room solutions.

2018 – The subsidiary 3DI Akustiikkatuotteet OY is established in Finland.