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The VT-CBC Crossbar Ceiling is a double frame ceiling system with click-on hangers and profiles designed to optimise the sound isolation of suspended ceilings. The system comprises of VT-CBC hangers, click-on crossbars (UD274007) and C-profile rails (CD5027). Depending on required resonance frequency the VT-CBC hangers can be delivered with Regufoam pads in thickness 25 mm, 37 mm or 50 mm.

Installation Guidelines

The hangers are mechanically fixed via threaded rod to the ceiling with c/c-distances G and P and clicked into the crossbars. Secondary profiles with c/c-distance S are clicked onto the crossbars. Plasterboard can then be fixed on to the rails.

Our self adhesive elastic strip VT-Strip should be used to isolate the suspended ceiling from surrounding walls to avoid undermining the acoustic integrity of the ceiling.

Mineral wool should be used in the air void to absorb possible standing waves in the void.


The Vibratec VT-CBC Ceiling System is an acoustic ceiling designed and optimized for rehearsal rooms, music studios, theaters, cinemas, residential buildings, offices etc.

For lighter ceilings see our VT-SFC Ceiling System. For lower resonance frequency se our VT-MSH Ceiling system.


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