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Vibratec floor system VT-BAT is a quick and easy-to-install system with discrete isolators. The system comprises of 3 meter long and a width of 48 mm steel battens with isolators (elastic elements) available in 4 different standard heights: 25, 30, 50 and 75 mm (other heights available on request).



Depending on the load and the choice of height resonance frequencies below 6 Hz can be achieved (see frequency curves on next page). The stiffness can be adjusted by playing on the number of isolators per m2 or/and by choosing softer/stiffer material for the isolators, please contact Vibratec for advice.



Used for wet or dry floating floors in rehearsal rooms, studios, cinemas, offices and industries. Also used in sprung floors for dance, gymnastics, sports and stages.



Install Self Adhesive Isolation Strips around the perimeter of the floating floor to de-couple the floating floor from the adjacent structure Install the VT-BAT rails with c/c- distance 600 mm Place low density mineral wool between the VT-BAT rails (the thickness must be less than the deflected void under the floating floor) Screw floor panels into the VT-BAT rails.

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