For custom designed isolators necessary calculations can include:

  • Mechanical strength analysis by Finite Element Methods (FEM)
  • Natural frequencies analysis & dynamic response analysis by Finite Element Methods (FEM)
  • Load distribution calculations
  • Fatigue calculations
  • Calculation of fastening bolts or welds
  • Static & dynamic laboratory tests
  • Preparation of 3D CAD drawings
  • Analysis for attenuation, transmission and radiation of structure borne noise using Statistical Energy Analysis (SEA)

For suspension of hot pipes as for instance exhaust pipes typical technical proposal can include:

  • Dimensioning and positioning of suitable support (hangers/fix points/pipe clamps)
  • Calculation of thermal expansion
  • Dimensioning and optimization of expansion joints (position and pre-tension)
  • CAD-drawings with products at proposed positions and principal sketches

For exhaust silencer dimensioning typical calculations can include:

  • Calculation of undampened exhaust noise spectra (if not available)
  • Calculation of generated exhaust volume (if not available)
  • Choice and calculation of suitable silencers to meet required noise reduction
  • Calculation of distance attenuation based on free field
  • Calculation of backpressure for the complete pipe system

For elastic suspensions with shock demands we can perform chock calculations:

  • Shock calculations with six different pulse types: sine, half-sine, quadrilateral, sawtooth, reversed sawtooth and pulse train
  • Optimisation of shock mount type to minimize rest chock
  • Rest shock level in centre of gravity, each suspension mount or other critical point
  • Drop calculations

For calculation of vibration isolation of track systems we provide:

  • Insertion loss calculations for rail pads, under sleeper mats, ballast mats and slab track
  • Necessary input data: boogie length, boogie load, speed, type of rail, type of rail fastener, type of sleeper, sleeper distance, height of ballast or slab, mechanical properties of underlaying soil or rock
  • Lateral stability calculation
  • Calculation of electrical resistance to stray currents (for embedded track)
  • Detailed installation drawings, method statements, test certificates etc.
  • Installation on site if required