Vibratec to produce Anti-Vibration mounts to MAN Energy Solutions


Vibratec awarded 3 projects by MAN Energy Solutions

Vibratec wins 3 contracts from MAN for a total delivery of 18 Anti-Vibration Mounts (AVM).

Vibratec Akustikprodukter has recently been awarded 3 contracts by MAN Energy Solutions, a company in the MAN Group out of Germany. The projects entail the design and manufacturing of 18 different Anti-Vibration Mounts (AVMs), each carrying 30-50 tons. The AVMs are customized for outdoor offshore environment and will be utilized to isolate vibrations from various types of turbo compressors, more specifically VRUs (Vapor Recovery Units), to improve efficiency and avoid structural sound and damages. A VRU is a compression system used to collect and compress low volume gas for injection into a larger compressor, a fuel gas system or directly into a gas line. These types of isolators are developed specifically for each project and are thus not off-the-self solutions. Read more about our engineering and production processes on our website.

The MAN Group has been a longstanding customer of Vibratec and we look forward to helping the company solve their future sound and vibration needs.