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Rubber Isolators & Mounts

Rubber Isolators offer a cost effective solution for vibration isolation of all kinds of rotating machines in applications indoors. If the setup needs to have a high internal damping rubber isolators may be preferred.

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Rubber mounts data sheet

ProductDescriptionPDF Datasheet
DMS 077, DMS 094, DMS 108, DMS 120, DMS 144, DMS 158 Elastic mount. Natural rubber/NPR resilient elements. Zink plated metal parts. Mechanical stop. Download
PC 100, PC 140, PC 182 Rubber or NPR Isolator. Metal parts in chromated steel. Fitted with a mechanical stop Download
HD Marine Heavy Duty Marine Rubber Isolator. Download
M 7,M 25,M 50,M 100, M 200, M 400, M 600, M 1500 Heavy Duty Rubber Isolator. Download
R 1,R 2,R 3,R 4,RD 1,RD 2,RD 3,RD 4 Rubber or NPR Isolator. Metal parts vulcanised. Download
RHD 1, RHD 2, RHD 3 RHD 4 Elastic Suspension Rubber/NPR Isolator Download
CDM-VE Isolator in CDM-material Download

Cylindrical dampers data sheet

ProductDescriptionPDF Datasheet
A1100008-A1100570 Type A Cylindrical Dampers Download
A1200008-A1200440 Type B Cylindrical Dampers Download
A1300008-A1300355 Type C Cylindrical Dampers Download
A1400010-A1300280, A1500005-A1500071 Type D and E Cylindrical Dampers Download