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Gym floors for Zengun


Vibratec signed today a LTA (Long Term Agreement) with Siemens


Vibratec has been awarded a grant from Vinnova


Constrained Layer Damping on old steel bridge


Nu är vi även miljöcertifierade!




Royal Music Academy in Stockholm


Constrained layer damping in Kansas


Vibration isolation of new SystemAir lab in India

Systemair India Pvt. Ltd. (100% owned subsidiary of Systemair AB, Sweden) has just come up with a ultra-modern laboratory to test air and sound performance. The new laboratory has a pressure chamber and an acoustic chamber and is thus sensitive to vibrations and structure borne noise. The complete lab weighs 145 tons and is standing on 56 vibration isolators in kevlar reinforced rubber resulting in a resonance frequency below 10 Hz. The special isolators were casted into the concrete floor and later jacked up when all walls, ceiling etc was in place. The placement of the isolators was carefully calculated to ensure equal load distribution on the isolators.

Vibratec’s agent Prodiscom spent 11 days on the site to supervise and assist during installation, concreting and final jack-up. The lab, being a part of Systemair’s latest technology centre, is situated i Noida in the province Uttar Pradesh.